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King Series 6 Six Door Truck Pickup Family at Redwoods

In 2010, our families (owners Chad and Angel Eddy) blended together by marriage and we grew into an instant family of eight. We soon found that our vehicles were not large enough for us all to ride together. Many times we were finding ourselves driving two vehicles to go camping, to football games or for holiday traveling. Our kids were not old enough to drive at the time, so we drove separately to get everyone there.

We knew we needed to come up with a solution to our problem, and we weren't really mini-van type folks. That’s when we got the idea of making a six-door pickup.

We hoped it would enable us to travel together and create memories that can only be done on road trips with all the kids. Being a self-made business owner and entrepreneur, Chad Eddy was not afraid to tackle anything. His passion for the Ford Super Duty and the Powerstroke diesel made Ford the clear choice. Chad's many years of mechanical and welding experience, plus a lot of sheer determination, made the project possible.

After a month of commitment to the fabrication, Chad produced his first F-250 6-door pickup. It went off to the paint shop for a 9700 Ford Black paint job. When it returned, he completed the installation of the interior. Everything came together and it was ready to be put to the test on a family trip. The maiden voyage exceeded our expectations - the truck performed well and the kids enjoyed being together.

From there on out, we didn’t take the 6-door anywhere that it didn’t draw a remarkable amount of attention. And our kids loved every minute of it! Passengers in fellow vehicles on the highway would be caught snapping photos of it – and waving at all our kids while doing it. Other camping folks would find their way to us while we were camping to find out where the heck we got this thing, and we were all so proud to say that Chad built it. Was it for sale? How’d he do it? We even had people ask if they could have their picture taken with it!

Chad always said that he would build another 6 door truck someday - and he was sure right! We decided to sell our prototype and test the market - and we had an overwhelming response! One of our favorite moments was when a family came from Platte, SD to look at our truck. They had 5 kids and one on the way. One of their little boys hopped in the middle row of seats and when he got out, he tugged on Chad’s shirt sleeve and said “My butt feels pretty good in that seat.” That right there is why we build 6 door pickups! That family did not end up buying our first truck, but they did end up with one later on! That first 6 door build full of memories with our family, went to a wonderful rodeo family in Kansas. And now they are filling it up with their beautiful family! We love it, just love it!!

We have since discovered a real need and a niche market for our 6-door pickups. We truly have a mission to to help other people enjoy time together as we did with ours. What we are doing here is not just fun and exciting; we are giving people a way to impact their lifestyle in a way they never imagined!

 King Series 6 Six Door Truck Pickup Motor Market Magazine Mother of Invention


Written by Emily Pogue for The Motor Market magazine (February 2020)

There is an old proverb that says necessity is the mother of invention and for Chad and Angel Eddy, owners of King Series Trucks, Parts, and Accessories, that was especially true. Wanting to enjoy the camping, traveling, and fishing their mid-western geography offered, the Eddys needed towing power for toys and plenty of room for their family of eight. Taking two Ford-F250’s and using his skill in mechanics, electrical, and welding, Chad constructed the first 6-door King Series truck for Eddy Enterprises in 2010 and has been helping others with their needs for interior space and hauling capacity ever since. 

“We were trying to get our families to blend together after we got married. There’s nothing like a road trip to bond everybody together,” laughs Angel Eddy. 

For several years, the pickup performed exactly as it was intended. In 2017, after more than 300,000 miles of fun and family, the couple put their truck on an online auction site for seven days. With over 7,000 views and tremendous interest in the truck, the Eddy’s discovered that their unique build just might have a very strong market. And they were right. 

From rodeo families to hunting lodge owners, to people who just need space and the ability to tow boats, campers, or trailers, the King Series Trucks offer space, seamless construction, and the utility a recreational crowd needs. And for the Eddys, being able to fill a need with their passion and integrity of construction, new options are available for bigger needs. 

The usual timeline for a King Series build is about eight weeks and starts with finding two trucks with conducive damage; one might have front end damage while the other has rear end damage. The team takes meticulous care to find lower mileage vehicles at insurance auctions nationwide that are great candidates with mild damage. 

After getting them back to their home base in Emery, South Dakota, the Eddy’s tear the trucks apart and a rigorous examination of usable parts is done. Any items that end up being reused in the trucks are refurbished to amazing condition. If it doesn’t meet the standard or isn’t usable in that particular build, the team has an inventory management system where the parts are inventoried and either used in another build or sold online. In this way, the King Series Trucks build process is environmentally conscious and wastes very little. 

While the trucks are completely torn apart, a rust proofing product is applied on the underside of the cab and box. They also use a ceramic thermal insulation product inside the cab, on the floor, inside the doors, and on the roof that insulates from heat and noise. 

With an additional length of frame gusseted to a C-Channel steel supported frame that is backed by a 3-year warranty, safety and stability are paramount and guaranteed. Adding to the safety factor is the unaltered airbag system that is untouched in the trucks. Wiring and brakes are extended and expertly soldered, and the exhaust is taken off and lengthened. The driveline is done by a company in Sioux Falls and a company in Kansas custom builds the bumpers for all the trucks. 

King Series Trucks are also soundly tested by an alignment machine on site. The new machine tests squareness and straightness with its eight wireless cameras and guarantees a correct calibration in the uncommon build. In addition to an alignment machine, there is also a paint booth on premises and all upholstery and carpet is done in house as well. That is a big area of pride for Chad, who says you’d be hard pressed to find a seam in the extended headliner. With made-to-order leather interiors and customizable options for interiors, exteriors, and add-ons, these 6-door King Series Trucks are functional and gorgeous.

“Our number one priority is functionality, and we really try to accommodate what each buyer wants. Every family has different taste and requests, whether it be a specific interior they are interested in, the number of seats, or accessories that allow their truck to fit all their needs, in addition to being unique to their family. We work closely with the buyers before and after purchase to make sure they get what they want and are happy with their new truck,” says Chad. 

The process is more than just a business; it’s a family’s passion and all members are involved. From naming the trucks, choosing the colors, and detailing to website development, welding, and mechanics, everyone in the family is an integral part of the build. 

“They know how important it was to them growing up and everyone pours their heart into it,” beams Chad. “And we are doing it right, 100%, top to bottom.”

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